All About Paint Correction You Wanted to Ask Your Car Detailer

Car owners love the mirror-like shine on their car’s body. However, regular wear and tear, tiny hairline scratches, and blemishes mostly put a dent on your car’s appearance. These take away the glamour and the elegant look you so love.

Thankfully, paint correction jobs can not only get back the lost sheen but also maintain the elegance for years. 

If you’ve never got a paint job done earlier or you’re not satisfied with the one you got done a while ago, here’s why you can trust the experts from Auto Detailing Melbourne to fix them all for you. Below is a detailed synopsis of how an effective paint correction job can make your favourite car spotless again. 

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What is paint correction?

Paint correction is a step-wise process that helps remove imperfections from your car’s body. The different steps include: deep cleaning of the car, leveling the scratches or blemishes, polishing the body, and sealing the fresh paint.

At Auto Detailing Melbourne, our paint correction service includes removal of swirls and fine scratches, water spots, bird droppings or animal waste, and fixing a previously manhandled paint job!

Why should you get a paint correction job done and when?

Many car owners would like to believe that a regular wash is enough to retain the appearance of the vehicle. However, in reality, this isn’t so. That’s because simply removing dirt and grime cannot preserve the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle. To fix the stains and grazes, you need a little bit more than regular washing and polishing – you need to seal the paint so that all imperfections are patched up. This can also boost your car’s resale value and enhance the beauty of the ceramic coating on your car (if done earlier).

The best time to get a paint correction job done is right after you have noticed a nasty scar on your car’s body. A successful correction job can add life to your car’s exterior and delay the effects of sun damage and fading.

Is a paint correction service expensive?

The cost of the service primarily depends on the extent of cosmetic finish your car requires. At Auto Detailing Melbourne, we personalise the package for each customer based on the requirement and budget. Although we follow the same process for each job, the number of fixes (on the car body) determines the cost of the correction job. Speak to our car detailing experts for service anywhere in Melbourne area and we shall come up with a package that suits you.

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We offer mobile car detailing services in Melbourne which frees you of the hassles of visiting us. We will reach you at a date, time, and location of your preference. From
basic car detailing services to specialised tune-ups such as paint correction, headlight restoration, and others – we do it all.

Call us today for car detailing services in Melbourne and watch your stained/ scratched car transform right before your eyes.